4 of the Best Fruits and Fruity Sweet Treats to Try in Thailand

Thailand fruits are as fascinating and delicious as the country’s famous cuisine. A mix of the familiar and exotic, here are some of the many fruits you need to try as well as some of the delectable sweets usually made from them.

This is a fruit that is not easy to like. Many people can’t get past the strong and cloying smell. You can’t even hand-carry it with you on the plane. Some hotels don’t even allow it on their premises. But aroma aside, the fruit is actually quite good. Rich and creamy with a soft texture, durian is a tasty treat on its own. Some of the best Thai desserts and sweets made with the fruit are the khao neow toorien (durian coconut milk soup with sticky rice) and toorien guan (durian paste).

Mangoes are one of the most popular fruits in Thailand. Ripe mangoes are usually enjoyed fresh or as ingredients in treats like khao neow ma muang (sweet sticky rice with mango), mamuang guan (dried mango roll-ups). Some people also eat it unripe or half-ripe by dipping it in sugar.

Somewhat similar to lychee, longan is a round-shape fruit with a sweet flavor often grown in the northern area of the country. You can enjoy the fruit by removing the shell and eating what’s inside. Dried longans are likewise a popular snack in the country.

Ripe papaya is sweet and tasty. Just remove the seeds and you can scoop it up with a spoon. You can enjoy it dried. The unripe fruit can also be made into one of the famous Thai dishes. Som tum or green papaya salad is a dish made with shredded unripe papaya and flavored with chilies, dried shrimp, nuts, and drizzled with lemon juice.