Cooking & Shopping

11 Best Cookery Apps


Allrecipes Dinner Spinner (iOS, Android, Windows)
Highlights: Recipe recommendations and step-by-step cooking guides

BigOven (iOS, Android, Windows)
Highlights: Provides users access to more than 350,000 recipes plus features to help you plan meals and make grocery lists

Chefsteps (iOS, Android)
Highlights: Recipes, food hacks, and cooking tips

Epicurious (iOS, Android)
Highlights: Recipes, menu ideas, cooking tips, and more

Forks Over Knives (iOS, Android)
Highlights: More than 200 plant-based cooking recipes and growing

Green Kitchen (iOS)
Highlights: Healthy and vegetarian recipes

Jamie Oliver’s Recipes (iOS)
Highlights: Recipes and how-to guides from Chef Jamie Oliver

Kitchen Stories (iOS, Android)
Highlights: Recipes, step-by-step instructions, and videos

Pepperplate (iOS, Android)
Highlights: Create, edit, or import recipes; organize and plan meals and create shopping lists

SideChef (iOS, Android)
Highlights: Meal ideas and step-by-step recipes

Yummly (iOS, Android)
Highlights: Search, import, and manage recipes